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The two teams met with different results in the last game. 

The Incheon Shinhan Bank will have its final match of the season at the Incheon Dowon Stadium on Wednesday. 

Shinhan Bank, which has been defeated in a series of defeats through its victory in the match against Samsung Life Insurance on Wednesday, is aiming to win a winning streak by winning Woori Bank, the second-ranked bank. The performance of young players such as Hanam and Kim Yeon-hee. 

Meanwhile, Woori Bank lost to KB Stars on the 23rd and won the regular league title. Even for the sake of "Spring Basketball," Monique Billings has to adapt quickly to the team.

The sixth round will finally be resumed. The final battle for the playoff begins.

The 2018-2019 SKT 5GX professional basketball team, which was in a recess due to regional qualifiers for the World Cup, will resume on the 28th. At Wonju Sports Complex, Wonju DB, Busan KT, and Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, the team will continue for the sixth round with Samsung and Changwon LG playing. From third place to eighth place, the difference between LG and Anyang KGC is 3.5 games. Except for Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, No. 1 and Incheon Electronic Land, how did the teams prepare for the final league?

First of all, Hyundai Mobis, the No. 1 player, did his own training for the season. Meanwhile, Kim Dong-ryang and Bae Soo-yong advanced to the finals by winning Group A No. 1 in the second round of the D-League competition. Lee Jong-hyun, who suffered a slingshot injury, is recovering after finishing an additional surgery on his own. 

The WKBL helps basketball hopefuls grow.

The WKBL (Women's Basketball League) will hold a "2019 WKBL Children's Basketball Camp" at the Youth Gymnasium in Yanggu-gun Gangwon-do, Gangwon-do, for a four-night and five-day schedule. At the basketball camp, 23 elite female basketball players from middle school including Sookmyung Girls' Middle School, Suwon Jail Middle School, and 어덜비 Jeju Central Girls' Middle School will participate. 

Through various tests, the camp measures specific physical abilities such as individual flexibility, quickness, and athletic ability of athletes, and learns various skills that can be used in real-life situations with professional trainers such as Park Dae-nam, Park Chan-sung, Ok Beom-joon and Won Ji-seung. It also provides a chance to gain a sense of practice by playing practice games at the same time.

Meanwhile, during the camp, female basketball legend players such as Park Jeong-eun, a WKBL sports commentator, and Kim Eun-hye will visit the camp site to encourage promising female basketball players.

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