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Karim Abdul-Jabbar (72), who holds the record for the most goals scored by the NBA, has auctioned off four winning rings.

U.S. media including NBA.com reported on the 27th (Korea time) news of Abdul Jabbar's winning ring. In addition to the four championship rings, Abdullah announced that he will auction off various items that he used in the game, including official ball. A commemorative ring for the 1980s, 1985s, 1987s, and 1988 wins is auctioned off.

Abdul Jabba is a legendary figure in the NBA. He made his NBA debut with the Milwaukee Bugs in 1969, moved to the LA Lakers in 1975, and retired after playing only for the Lakers until 1989. Abdul Jabbar scored 38,387 points in his career and ranks first in NBA history. The gap between second-ranked Carl Malone (36,928 points) is also quite wide.

Few active players can beat Abdul Jabbar's scoring record. While LeBron James (LA Lakers) is ranked fifth with 32,162 points, it is 6225 points behind Abdul Jabbar. In the future, LeBron must continue his performance for another three to four years before he can surpass Abdul Jabbar's record.

Abdul Jabbar auctioned off the winning ring for the children's support project of his Skyhook Foundation. The Skyhook Foundation helps children learn science, engineering, and math. The proceeds from the auction will be used for the foundation's business.동양야동

"My souvenirs contain history and that's my history and life," said Abdul Jabba, "and I can simply answer the question of having a ring or trophy displayed in my room or giving children a chance to change their lives. "I'll sell everything I have."

Abdul Jabbar's winning ring was auctioned off on a site called Goldin Auction.

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