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High temperature boiler centrifugal fan is mainly used in boiler ventilation system, suitable for non-corrosive, not spontaneous combustion, the highest temperature does not exceed 700 ℃ high temperature gas. The gas content should be less than 150mg/m³.
Product performance
PerformanceAir flow range7140~62906m³/h
Pressure range1030~2724Pa
Other details
1. The fan and its system shall not operate with diseases.
2. During fan maintenance and test run, children, irrelevant personnel and people with mobility inconvenience are forbidden to watch.
3. No one is allowed to stand within 10 meters in the direction of fan inlet and outlet during fan test.
4. If the belt is found to be elongated and slipping, it shall be adjusted in time.
Company equipment
Product after-sale
1. Full-time technical personnel shall cooperate with the user to complete the installation of the fan and conduct a comprehensive review of the fan so that the fan can be installed under normal and ideal conditions.
2. Provide users with technical support for training, repair and maintenance.High Temperature Fan factory

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