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※Our History
August, 2008 Company Founded
October, 2008 got ISO90001:2000 certified。
October, 2009 subsidiary factory founded in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia
July, 2016 got UL -VY-F certified(transformer insulation part)
※Our Factory
Established in 2008, Beijing V-Young Tech. Development Co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers in China specialized in the design, R&D, mass production and sale of AC-DC converter, DC-DC converters, DC/AC inverter modules, high frequency transformers, inductors and other related products.
※Our Product
AC-DC Converters/DC-DC Converters/DC-AC inverter modules/High frequency transformers/Inductors.
※Product Application
Communication and broadcasting equipment, Optical transceiver, instruments and meters, railway signal, medical equipment, power supplies field, etc.
※Our Certificate
ISO9000, UL(transformer insulation part).
※Production Market
Europe, North America, Australia, South Asia, Middle-East, South America, etc.Pcb Mount DC-DC Converters

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