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Horizontal Automatic Packing Machinery PB-1100
Applicable products:
Juice, detergent, softener, other relevant liquid products.
Sugar, chocolate, jelly, other relevant irregular products.
Coffee, cocoa, condiment, other relevant powder & granular products.
Widely used in Food, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical,Cosmetic & Personal care and Others.

Product Description:
This machine PB-1100 features a modern and original appearance,is easy to master and operate ,is conveniently and quickly adjustable,and offers stable operation ,simple maintenance and various other features.Since this model offers packaging capabilities comparable with similar imported machines,as well as a number of other outstanding features and a considerable price advantage, the PB-1100 horizontal packaging machine has become the first choice for a wide range of a wide range of clients manufacturing products with smaller packaging.


Packing  Width50-110mm
Packing Height50-130mm
Speed40-80 bags/min
Reel Diameter500mm
Power Consumption2 kW
Packing Size1800mm×750mm×2200mm
Packing Width50-110mm
Customized Powder Liquid Packing Machinery

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